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Video Poker: Its history and some helpful winning strategies

Today, online video poker has become the most popular casino games of the net gambling industry. And in some of the recent years, there has been a significant growth in video poker players.  And if you are interested to play it, try playing at and you will be fascinated on being there immediately.

Anyways, if you are among those who take fancy for online video poker, you will be fascinated to know that these games been the ruling master for more than 20 years. Without any doubt, earlier poker and its other variants have been serving people by successfully catering to the player satisfaction and nowadays, online video poker has forwarded the prominent form of card play into the virtual field of the internet as that you see in many online casino sites.

Like certain other casino games, the original history of video poker is foggy and disputable yet many say that a game named “nas”, being quite similar to poker, was played by Iranian soldier thousands of years ago. Eventually, however, the game was brought to the US in New Orleans by Persian sailors back in the 1820s. Thereafter, this game traveled in northward aboard the widely known Mississippi river and eastward and westward along the Ohio, Cumberland and Missouri.

When there are multiple popular casino games all prevailing in the online casinos, it should not be taken as a big surprise if video poker is currently played hugely by most players. Video Poker’s development has been quite similar and contemporaneous with that of the personal computer in the 1970’s. On a good basis, it can be said that online video poker is a progenitor of those early electronic games. When video poker firstly appeared in the internet in the early 1990’s, the games were actually played between real people in real time over Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks.

Online video poker is the most widely popular casino gambling games of the world.  To tell you the truth, the game is relatively based on luck or chance, so only 21% are winning hands and 79% of them come out as losers. So an advantageous video poker player needs to know what he must do with 70% of the hands dealt so that he can become a winner.

If you want to improve your winning chances in the game of video poker, you may follow the useful tips and strategies:

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